Slice-by-slice statistics

Given an image volume and a segmentation, is there a way to get image statistics on individual slices along an axis? In particular, I’m looking for mean image intensities within 2D segmentations in multiple Axial views.

Have you tried the Segment Statistics module of the latest nightly version?

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I have, yes. However, if I create a 3D segmentation, it appears that what’s produced is a set of statistics for the full 3D segmentation, rather than individual slices along an axis. Is there a way to get (Axial) slice-by-slice statistics, without creating a separate segment for every slice?

This is a very specialized requirement that you have to implement a simple script for. Probably the easiest is to export segmentation to labelmap volume and do compute statistics using numpy. In numpy it’s very easy to get a single slice of a volume, apply a mask, and compute mean.

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Ok, thanks, I’ll try it that way.

Dear Professor Michael Schumaker:

Did you completed such a statistics?