Slicer 4.10.2: Summary, Highlights and Changelog

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The community of 3D Slicer developers is proud to announce that version 4.10.2 is now available for download. This patch release introduces ~30 bug fixes for better performance and stability. It features many usability fixes for the segmentation and display modules.

The development of 3D Slicer—including its numerous modules, extensions, datasets, pull requests, patches, issues reports, suggestions—is made possible by users, developers, contributors and commercial partners around the world. This development is funded by various grants and agencies. For more details, please see the 3D Slicer Acknowledgments page. is the portal to the application, training materials, and the development community.

The Slicer Training page provides a series of tutorials and data sets for training in the use of Slicer.

Please note that Slicer continues to be a research package and is not intended for clinical use. Testing of functionality is an ongoing activity with high priority, however, some features of Slicer are not fully tested.

Improved Landmark Registration through Markups fixes




Improve DICOMScalarVolumePlugin robustness for multi-frame volumes by preventing errors when examining slice positions in a multi-frame DICOM file (just log a warning).

  • Prevent confirm application close dialog from showing twice on macOS



  • Fix Data Probe display for scenes with custom slice view names

  • Improve Volume Rendering module ensuring corrupted display nodes are ignored

  • Fix image not filling the entire slice view

    • In some cases, for example, after changing font scale on Windows10, images only filled the bottom-left corner of slice view.
  • Hide model slice display actor when model is not visible on slice

    • Reduce “No input data” error spam
  • Fix distance encoded projection in Slice view by normalizing the plane normal

    • Implicit plane function for calculating distance now uses SliceXYToRAS matrix and scale the distance is in the Z direction


  • Fix loading of segmentation from generic Nrrd file

    • Segmentation could not be loaded directly from a generic Nrrd file (that did not have any segmentation specific fields) because segment name was not filled and uninitialized segment name caused a crash.

    • Segment ID is now used as segment name if the segment name is not specified.

  • Prevent SegmentStatistics module from causing a crash when invalid inputs were specified

  • Fix warning when exporting segmentation to labelmap

  • Fix Segment Editor “Show 3D” button state

    • In some cases (when first segment was not the first segment alphabetically), the “Show 3D” button had to be clicked twice to actually hide the segmentation. This was fixedby not invoking segment modified events until all the segments have the same representations.
  • Fix regression ensuring mouse cursor effect is shown in Segment Editor

    • Since recent updates in VTK Qt widget, when a Segment Editor effect was active the mouse cursor remained the default arrow cursor.

    • Fixed by adding setViewCursor() method that calls appropriate method to change the cursor shape, and calling this method from Segment Editor.

  • Fix export of segmentations to file with illegal characters in node name

  • Improve Undo support to always restore deleted segments

  • Remove unneeded representation conversions when hardening transform on segmentation


  • Stability fixes for QWebEngine

    • Relay QWebEngineView signals to qSlicerWebWidget

    • Re-factor WebChannelTransport initialization

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