Slicer 4.10 not building with the internationalization

I’ve built the 3D Slicer 4.10 with Internalization and the compilation crashed. I chose building in release, internationalization and remaining variables are default.

The compilation error is:

Error        Cannot open C:/D/Slicer/Libs/MRML/Widgets/Resources/Translations/qMRMLWidgets_fr.ts:  
The system can not find in the specified path. 
[C:\B\S410RI18n\Slicer-build\Libs\MRML\Widgets\qMRMLWidgets.vcxproj]    Slicer    C:\B\S410RI18n\CUSTOMBUILD    1

where the c:/D/Slicer is the code folder and the c:/B/S410RI18n is the building folder

I think I forgot setting up some variables because the folder Translations does not exist in the source code (Slicer/Libs/MRML/Widgets)

Could someone give me some tips to solve this issue?

Thanks in the advance

When you download 3D Slicer source codes. There is no Translations directory under ~/Slicer/Libs/MRML/Widgets/Resources/ . So you must use make Translations directory and then build

This should be fixed in r27950