Slicer 4.11 still looks for 4.9 lib dir

Built Slicer from git on Arch Linux. It does not start with Slicer executable. I have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to <install_path>/lib/Slicer-4.11 for it to run. Then the title bar still shows 4.9.0, while the about box shows 4.11.

On start, stdout shows

File “/home/user/programs/Slicer/bin/…/lib/Slicer-4.9/qt-scripted-modules/”, line 6, in
import DICOMLib
File “/home/user/programs/Slicer/lib/Slicer-4.9/qt-scripted-modules/DICOMLib/”, line 4, in
from DICOMWidgets import *
File “/home/user/programs/Slicer/lib/Slicer-4.9/qt-scripted-modules/DICOMLib/”, line 8, in
from ctk import ctkDICOMObjectListWidget, ctkDICOMDatabase, ctkDICOMIndexer, ctkDICOMBrowser, ctkPopupWidget, ctkExpandButton
ImportError: cannot import name ctkDICOMObjectListWidget
loadSourceAsModule - Failed to load file “/home/user/programs/Slicer/bin/…/lib/Slicer-4.9/qt-scripted-modules/” as module “MultiVolumeImporterPlugin” !

That’s not a clean build, and I can’t test all functionalities. But the above stdout presumes that many modules won’t work. Is some tuning of cmake files required on your part ? Or should I delete all CTKAppLauncher* files and rebuild ? Or anything else ?


You need to do a completely clear build when major or minor version of the application is changed.

Yep, Slicer works as usual with a clean build. Thanks.