Slicer 4.13 Editor module

Hi everyone,
I have just installed Slicer 4.13 and am working on making some models from CT scans (I have been following the Robles et al. 2020 paper). I was successful in Slicer 4.11, but in 4.13 I can’t find the “Editor” module. The “Segment Editor” module is there, but it doesn’t have the “Make Model” button that was in Editor.
Has this been removed/changed? Am I having an issue with my Antivirus possibly? Would it be better to go back to 4.11 (though with that I couldn’t get the ALPACA module to load)?
Any suggestions are appreciated, though please don’t suggest a code-based approach… I’m not there yet. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Editor module has been discontinued. Everything you can in Editor (plus more) you can do in Segment Editor. With segment Editor, there is no need for Model Maker either.

ALPACA works with 4.11 Stable. Let us know if you have issues.

You can simply click Show 3D. If you want to export to STL or other surface formats you can right click the segmentation in the Data module and choose Export visible segments to models then save, or you can use the Export/import models and labelmaps section in the Segmentations module to do it directly.

Good to know that ALPACA is stable in 4.11. I was suspecting it was an issue on my end, and now I at least have that confirmed. I’ll give it a bit more time and effort with 4.13 now that I know that it isn’t an issue of a missing module or something that didn’t install properly.

Thank you Csaba, I will give this a try! This likely solves all of my issues on how to proceed making the model in 4.13!

Between the two of you, I have all of the answers I needed!

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