Why the "slicerDMRI" module can not find in latest version(4.10.2)

why the “slicerDMRI” module can not find in latest version(4.10.2), thanks! I can not get the DTI volume and tractography?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! This should be fixed in the next few days. You can try the nightly version if needed in the meantime.

@jcfr Our s4ext says master version in the ExtensionsIndex but there are old errors in the Slicer4 cdash. How do I make sure 4.10 gets the appropriate updates that we’ve made?

You should update your s4ext in the “4.10” branch of the ExtensionsIndex and probably specify a new branch such as “4.10” within Slicer DMRI that can be used to maintain updates for Slicer 4.10.

The SlicerDMRI master branch currently includes commits related to the new markups API, python 3, etc which will be part of Slicer 5 and not included in the recent Slicer 4.10.2 release. It looks like you will need to start from this commit and pick any later commits that are compatible as part of your new 4.10 branch.

You can see how MarkupsToModel extension had to create a separate 4.10 branch to stay API compatible.

Of course! Thanks! At first glance I thought it was old fixed markups errors but it’s actually the fixes causing the issue. Thanks for the help.

Thanks a lot! Did you mean the nightly version contains the “slicerDMRI” module?

Yes the nightly contains SlicerDMRI.

Get it! Thanks very much!

Hi! This should be fixed now in 4.10.2.