Slicer 5.0 deprecation discussion/wiki

Hi all,

Not sure how to propose topics in the agenda, as the developer hangouts page seems not to be used anymore.

In any case, I’d like to propose that we talk about non-backward-compatible changes regarding the upcoming 5.0 release, especially removing obsolete features, and other big changes that are best done with this major version upgrade.


[edit: after checking with @cpinter, I moved this to a new topic in Development to give more visibility and space for discussion – @ihnorton]

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Hi Csaba -

Yes, this thread has effectively taken over for the wiki, so this is the right place to post. (I guess we could discuss if there’s a better way to organize things).

I’m not able to join this Tuesday, but it sounds like a good topic. Last week we briefly discussed that 5.0 is as big a step as the name might imply, but we had made the naming decision a few months or so ago and the plan at least so far is to keep it, even if there are no big API changes (mostly just updated versions of VTK, ITK, Qt).


Indeed, I updated the page accordingly.

So far incompatible changes have been documented here:

I suggest you create a wiki page here: where we could start document functionality to remove etc …

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Thanks Steve and Jc!

I created this page and added a list of things that could be done in terms of the major version upgrade. Feel free to add/comment/etc.

I’m happy to help with the changes we agree on before the release of 5.0.

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Thanks for making the page @cpinter! :+1: The items on the page seem very well thought out.

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A major decision was made at the hangout:

  • Upcoming release: 4.10 or 5.0?
    • The question is whether to consider the user perspective (5.0: Qt5, no Editor on GUI, etc) or the developer perspective (4.10: no Qt4, no Editor as API, node copying, etc.)

So we decided that the best would be to release 4.10 this time, so that we have time to make the non-backwards-compatible changes for 5.0 (the wiki list will be extended), because major version number bumps happen only every several years.


@cpinter Thanks for the update

See Work-in-progress: Transition plans for Slicer 4.10, and major changes in Slicer 5.0


I realized that the code associated with these two CLI modules BlobDetection and ConnectedComponent have NOT been compiled since r20744 (from August 2010).

The commit message indicates:

ENH: remove BlobDetection and other CLI modules as requested

Associated issue was:

  • #2809: Create extensions for BlobDetection and ConnectedComponent module

And a excerpt from @pieper reply from on the slicer-devel mailing list thread entitled Re: Adding new modules to Slicer core?:

Based on the information I found, I will submit a PR removing the modules today and plan on integrating it tomorrow.


Based on feedback posted on Slicer/Slicer#923, we created a dedicated extension to bundle Slicer legacy modules:

There is also a step-by-step guide explaining how to extract history.

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