Release of Slicer 5.0 in progress: Regular builds are disabled

This evening, regular preview and stable builds of Slicer and associated extensions will be disabled in favor of a new stable release.

To track the progress, see Release Slicer v5.0 · Issue #6337 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub



  • Release has been tagged and packages are being generated. See dashboard here
  • Regular will be resumed tomorrow


  • Last night build all complete along with the built of all extensions, that said a glitch related to toggling memory leaks that is specific to Stable build was identified (See issue #6344).

  • This means that a maintenance branch will be created and new tag called v5.0.1 will be published and associated release build will be triggered tonight (in place of our usual preview build).

What about revisions

To ensure revision of potential patch release and on-going development associated with 5.1.0 would compare nicely, we pre-allocated 100 revisions (See PR #6343)


  • Slicer v5.0.1 has been tagged and packages are being generated. See dashboard here


  • Issue #6344 has been addressed
  • Dashboard scripts have been tweaked to also backup the site-packages directory before building the extensions. See details here.

Next steps


  • Build of applications and extensions completed for both macOS and Windows :ok_hand: :white_check_mark:
  • Due to a network failure related to download of some test datasets (See here), the Linux build has been re-started and is in progress :hourglass_flowing_sand: See dashboard here.

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  • Slicer v5.0.2 has been tagged and packages are being generated. See dashboard here
  • Regular will be resumed tomorrow



Known issues:

  • Endoscopy module issue. Fixed in Slicer@3d66964c5 and candidate for backport targeting v5.0.3


  • Finalize announcements

The module updates are not integrated in the stable release, they do upgrade normally in the nightly package. Is there any plans to backport the updates to the stable branch? When shall we expect this feature?

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When you say “module updates” what do you refer to? Extension updates? If so, you can update your extension repo hash in the s4ext in the branch of the stable version in ExtensionIndex:

it is there ExtensionsIndex/OpenDose3D.s4ext at 5.0 · Slicer/ExtensionsIndex · GitHub

So I don’t know why the latest changes are not integrated

^ May 25th 2022 shows the following:

  • Windows: OpenDose started building at 10:53 UTC
  • Linux: OpenDose extension started building at 8:56 UTC
  • macOS: OpenDose extension started building at 23:14 UTC

These all were of OpenDose hash 324ebe4 which matches the current latest at Commits · master-stable · OpenDose / SlicerOpenDose3D · GitLab.

@Alex_Vergara your post yesterday was at 9:11 UTC. It appears you had posted before the extensions builds had fully completed for that day.

The runs from the previous day on May 24th (CDash) had varying git hashes of OpenDose being used because you had committed to Commits · master-stable · OpenDose / SlicerOpenDose3D · GitLab during the middle of the extension builds. The Windows build of OpenDose that day started at 12:08 UTC, but OpenDose hash 324ebe4 wasn’t committed until 13:19 UTC. While the macOS build of OpenDose did have hash 324ebe4 because it started at 21:42 UTC.

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it is working today, thanks for the explanation