Slicer 5.2.2: Summary, Highlights and Changelog

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Slicer 5.2.2 is a patch release published in February 2023, aimed at addressing various issues reported by the community and providing bug fixes, enhancements, and improvements. This release ensures a smoother and more stable user experience.

For more details and a comprehensive list of changes, enhancements, and highlights in the Slicer 5.2 release, please refer also to the Slicer 5.2 release notes

Please note that Slicer continues to be a research package and is not intended for clinical use (clinical users must obtain the necessary ethics or regulatory approvals).


Dual monitor and picture-in-picture view layout

Slicer can now display 3D, slice, plot, etc. views in multiple windows and not just in the main application window. See 1-minute demo video

Display views in separate windows - can be dragged to a second screen or additional touchscreen or drawing tablet. The extra window can be displayed floating over the application window as “picture-in-picture”. The additional window can be also docked into application window (any corners or sides).

Improved volume rendering presets

Improve appearance of volume rendering preset selector and add micro-CT presets. Icons are now 2x higher resolution (so they don’t look small or blurred anymore on high-resolution screens), larger, and labeled.



  • Implemented multi-monitor layout support (PR-6776).
  • Added option for displaying the vertical slice controller (PR-6712).
  • Improved plot title handling when no column name is specified (PR-6682).
  • Improved volume rendering presets (PR-6762).
  • Added support for using pathlib.Path object for paths in slicer.util (PR-6743).
  • Updated vtkMRMLParser to support custom types ending with “Node” string (PR-6715).
  • Updated Slicer.crt CA bundle (PR-6719).
  • Exposed markups JSON reader/writer (PR-6756).
  • Improved table loading and fixed errors in the table file reading/writing process (PR-6775).
  • Improved computation of the offset direction label in slice view controller (PR-6781).
  • Allow maximizing “Add data” and “Save data” dialog (0eaffcf)
  • Make qMRMLTableWidget::mrmlTableViewNode accessible in Python (6834c51)


  • Resolved Python linting issue in the codebase (PR-6706).
  • Fixed warnings in scripted module template observer (PR-6720).
  • Fixed error message in vtkMRMLColorTableNode (PR-6729).
  • Resolved an issue with sample data set labels not appearing on large desktop monitors (PR-6731).
  • Fixed the blank Extensions manager in Linux package due to Chromium sandboxing (PR-6744).
  • Fixed the reading of default markup active color (PR-6736).
  • Fixed SlicerRequestHandler return value when the reader does not return any node ID (PR-6752).
  • Resolved issues with more than one rotation slider being non-zero (PR-6759).
  • Added missing array size hints for better Python wrapping (PR-6765).
  • Fixed reading of vector fields from NIFTI files (PR-6791).
  • Removed the annotations module (PR-6524).
  • Fixed slicer.util.logProcessOutput (f9dcc53).
  • Attempt to make Scissors effect more robust (a5af820 related to Crash on macOS when using Scissors effect #6705).
  • Fixed volume sequence support in CLI modules (f6a9111).
  • Fixed “Check for updates” checkbox in Welcome module (d838e31).
  • Fixed “Apply to all visible segments” option in Segment Editor (b803ad4).
  • Fixed arrayFromSegmentBinaryLabelmap leaving temporary node behind (5a3f338).
  • Fixed subject hierarchy tree in DICOM module (aa24555).
  • Added missing null-pointer checks to qMRMLSegmentEditorWidget (9506e42, Label Reviewer Not loading Project-MONAI/MONAILabel#1300)
  • Fixed display of “An update is available.” message in Extensions Manager (a943aa8)
  • Fixed various bugs related to crashes, typos, and display issues (PR-6795, PR-6797, PR-6798, PR-6799, PR-6805, PR-6831, PR-6824, PR-6822, PR-6810, PR-6803).


  • Improved build compatibility with OpenSSL support disabled (PR-6747).
  • Added support for using slicerFunctionAddPythonQtResources() in extensions (PR-6792).


  • Avoid logging errors during Python auto-completion with CTK update (3ae750f).
  • Update CTK to fix ctk::vtkImageDataToQImage function, to fix crash in ctkDICOMQueryRetrieveWidget and to expose removeCachedTags method in Python (7f5f83e, commontk/CTK@2c89539…dec834f).


  • Fixed the ImageStacks tutorial link in the Volumes module documentation (PR-6718).
  • Updated the documentation and removed references to Pixel Medical from commercial partners (PR-6767).
  • Fixed various typos (4f3d97c, 822a50b).

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