Release of Slicer 5.2.2 in progress

This evening, regular preview and stable builds of Slicer and associated extensions will be disabled in favor of a patch release.

Fixes to be integrated in the Slicer@5.2 maintenance branch are associated with PR-6782.

To track the progress, see Patch Release Slicer v5.2.2 · Issue #6832 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub

  • Backports
    • PR-6831 Update typo
    • PR-6803 COMP: Update python packages to latest
      • with/without numpy update ? @jamesobutler
        • Update: Will ignore numpy update
    • PR-6814 BUG: Make loading of legacy annotation fiducial, line, ROI nodes more robust @lassoan ?
      • Update: This will not be backported as it depends on PR-6524 ENH: Remove Annotations module not included in the 5.2 branch.
    • PR-6822 BUG: Fixes default progress callback raises user warning in send() function @lassoan ?
    • PR-6824 BUG: Free notifier after request handling @pieper ?
    • Slicer@9506e4283 BUG: Adding missing null-pointer checks to qMRMLSegmentEditorWidget @lassoan ?
    • PR-6810 Fix welcome module translation
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All changes have been backported to the Slicer@5.2 branch.

Local build and testing initiated to confirm no obvious regressions were introduced.




  • Slicer 5.2.2 packages are now available for download.
  • Regular builds are resumed and expected to be published tomorrrow


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