Slicer 5.4.0 markup shortcuts

Hi, there seems to be some shortcut changes within the markerup module between the slicer 5.2.2 and 5.4.0. E.g. in 5.2.2, one can add new control points using shortcut (ctrl + shift+ spacebar) and you cannot do the same in 5.4.0. Can someone please advise. Thanks.

It works for me on mac.

Thanks Murat, I have retested. Win 11+ slicer 5.4.0 do not work. Someone, please advise. Thanks.

Actually it works for me on windows 10 with 5.4.0. However, there is indeed an issue.

You can see that the mouse icon changes to placement mode when hit CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, but you cannot click exactly at that point. You have to jiggle mouse and then you can click, which obviously defeat the purpose of this function. I have seen this behavior before, and thought it was fixed.

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