Slicer app crashing when SegmentEditor Islands effect is run on an empty segment

Slicer Preview version 4.11.0-2020-02-17, on both Windows 10 and Mac OS X. All extensions disabled.
When I download sample data, MRHead, create a segmentation, add a segment, and run Islands tool with any of the enabled options, Slicer crashes. The expected behavior is that nothing happens.

It doesn’t happen with the version 4.11.0-2019-08-30.

The log doesn’t have any errors, the last entry is:
[INFO][Python] 18.02.2020 18:50:46 [Python] (C:\Users\ezgim\Documents\Slicer 4.11.0-2020-02-17\lib\Slicer-4.11\qt-scripted-modules\SegmentEditorEffects\ - 0 islands created (0 ignored)

@Sunderlandkyl could you have a look at this?

This should be fixed in the preview version tomorrow.


This was happening to me. I had to downsample my data and then it worked afterwards.

@Demi_Trimino What version of Slicer were you using, and how large was your volume?

4.11.0-2020-03-15 and I’m not sure how large the volume was. My computer will only tell me the size of each individual stack, not the entire folder size

Sorry, I meant to ask what the dimensions of the volume are?

0.0026921mm for all dimensions

How many voxels are there in each axis? Ex 512x512x256.