Slicer crashes when applying a rigid transform to a structure set

Operating system: Windows 7
Slicer version: 4.8.1
Expected behavior: To be able to apply a rigid 6DOF transform to a structure set, and then apply a DVF from a non-rigid registration to the same structure set
Actual behavior: After using the ‘registration’ module to create a rigid transform between two CT images I try to apply that transform to a RT structure set in the ‘transform’ module. However, Slicer just crashes (Not responding indefinitely)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Note that the crash occurs when ‘hardening’ the transform

Can you try the nightly version instead?


Happens to me also on Slicer 5.2.2. Both on MacOs and on Ubuntu. Happens only with some stl files I import

Csak you provide data set and instructions to reproduce?