Slicer crashes when trying to run segment editor threshold

Any support in this
Switch to module: “SegmentEditor”
QLayout::addChildLayout: layout “” already has a parent
ctkSliderWidget::setSingleStep() 0 is out of bounds. 0 10 1
error: [/home/saima/Downloads/Downloads/slicer/bin/SlicerApp-real] exit abnormally - Report the problem.

Slicer version is 4.11.20210226
volume used

Saima Safdar

After the crash, open slicer one more time, go to Help->Report a bug, and pull the second from the top log file and post it here (the topmost one will be the log from the current session).

The problem has been probably fixed in the Slicer Preview Release. Please test and let us know if you can reproduce the problem using the very latest Slicer Preview Release.

Hi Andras,
when I am loading a .vtk file I have this


there is no polys? why it is not recognizing polys in the data vtk

it is showing me the model in 3d view.

Saima Safdar

A .VTK file can contain pretty much anything - image, surface mesh, volumetric mesh,… The one that you loaded contains an unstructured grid, which is typically a volumetric mesh and so it does not contain polygons, only volumetric cells, such as tetrahedra and wedges.