Slicer DCMTK needs an update

Slicer is using DCMTK version 3.6.6, which based on the tag in GitHub - commontk/DCMTK at patched-DCMTK-3.6.6_20210115 is from October 2021! Current version of DCMTK is 3.6.8: Git - dcmtk.git/summary.

Michael Onken has been trying to update DCMTK in dcmqi, see WIP: Use DcmItem in API where possible. by michaelonken · Pull Request #493 · QIICR/dcmqi · GitHub, but is struggling with CMake linked libraries configuration.

@jcfr @lassoan can we join forces to figure this out, and upgrade DCMTK both for Slicer and dcmqi? Anyone else with the knowledge of CMake/Superbuld who can help?

Here was some existing work-in-progress to update to version 3.6.7:


I could help out with testing or if there is any specific issue to investigate, but in general @jcfr is probably the best person to work on this.

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I will follow-up when I have an update :rocket: