Updating DCMTK to 3.6.5

Last time Slicer DCMTK was updated was over a year ago, and I would like to update to the latest 3.6.5 release. Currently, Slicer is using a patched version of DCMTK, but the only patch applied is this, as I understand: https://github.com/commontk/DCMTK/commit/e79118cd2f40b77654630a56bbb17fe0bccc354c.

It looks like DCMTK 3.6.5 already has this policy applied, see http://git.dcmtk.org/?p=dcmtk.git;a=commit;h=09d352dd240f36451107665ddece85f9809f4d01.

Any objections to trying this out? Should we just update Slicer to check out 3.6.5 from http://git.dcmtk.org/, or there is a good reason to keep a fork on GitHub?

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PR submitted and is green on CircleCI:

https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/1308 (corrected)

Correct PR number is 1308.

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Thank you @fedorov. We are very busy with many things at the project week now but if it’s not that urgent then I would test it on Windows next week.


Andras, that sounds good, thank you!

Any updates on this topic and the corresponding PR? Anything else I can do to expedite this?

Thank you @lassoan for testing on Windows and merging! :+1: