Slicer download links out of date

The preview release links at haven’t been updated since the 16th.

We (@jcfr @lassoan @mhalle et al) are working on sorting out the issue. It is related to the way the download site uses the revision number to look up the most recent build.


Is there an alternate location to download slicer from until this works again?

You can download from the dashboard - except Windows builds, which only show up on Midas.

Extensions are not available either, but that should work by tomorrow.

We understand the download page is issue is urgent. Just know that @mhalle is working on it and will post an update when it is addressed.

We also acknowledge this situation highlights the importance of Slicer core developers to have access to all parts of the build, test, and distribution infrastructure. We cannot afford anything to depend on a single person and will be working on improving the infrastructure.

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The Windows builds on Midas can be found using the search function, example:

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Preview release links are now updating on .

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thanks. I was looking for the mac version.

Thanks a lot @mhalle, @jcfr, and @Sam_Horvath for fixing the download site!

Extensions for the Preview Release should be available from tomorrow.

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and found it in the dashboard. is updated now. so no need for downloading from the dashboard. Thanks