server is down!

Have been trying for 2 days to download slicer and the download server is

This is the link on the web site:

Please let me know when it is back up.

While the problem is resolved, you can download Slicer directly from the dashboard. Click on the small yellow package icon ( in the Build Name column in the Nightly Packages section.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate the link.

Andres is back online.


It is indeed down (and I cannot leave this empty)

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It’s back now for me.

It misleadingly looks like I posted my comment 1 hour ago, but in truth I did it 2 days ago: Slicer download web site is down. @lassoan moved and merged things, and somehow the timestamp of my post was corrupted.

Yes, it works for me as well.

Sorry, I just wanted to close/consolidate these separate threads. It’s good to know that the original timestamp is not preserved. For similar cases I’ll just just add a link to the duplicate topic in the future,

Yes, I knew I’d seen your post before but also wanted the last post in the
thread to confirm things are now working.

Yes, thank you. I was able to download and install.
Much appreciated.

I´ve tried with different browsers but it continues showing the message that the bowrse can’t get acces to the web page.

Help please

@Eduardo_Sanchez_Pere Thanks for reporting this. I’ve added static links to the main page that you can download Slicer from until the download page is restored.

@mhalle @freephile Slicer download page is down again. Let me know when it’s fixed and I remove the static download links from the main page.

Thank you. Where could I find these static links? When I open the main page I don´t see any of them!
Thank you for your support

Looks like something took out multiple hosts in our machine room. I have filed at ticket with Partners. Will update.

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Static download links are on the slicer main webpage:

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It is down again…

@freephile @mhalle

Down again… <20 char>

It’s back now, but I got a timeout a few minutes ago so I assume it’s still a bit flakey.

The download server is still down… :frowning_face:

It is back up, at least for now.