Slicer download page is down

Dear Sir/Madame

I am very interested in downloading the software Slicer3D, which in fact seems to be a very powerful software. Unfortunately I am having some problems when I try to download it from the site -

Appears an erro, that I made a screenshot and attached it in the email.

Best Regards,

Marco Marques
PhD Student: FEUP, INEGI, CMech-Lab

It appears it is down again. Sorry for the trouble.

cc: @freephile @mhalle

As a follow up the Nightly packages are available on midas [1] (except linux, which has a build issue) so this appear to be something on the page.


Yes, as usual, only the page is affected. As a temporary workaround, I’ve added download links to main page.

It’s back now for me.

It’s been back for an hour, so hopefully it’ll keep working - I’ve removed the temporary download links.

It’s working.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Marco Marques

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