Slicer GitHub project reached 1000 stars!

Thanks everyone :pray: :tada: :rocket:

From 0 to 1k since March 2020

After fully transitioning from using SVN to GitHub, we restarted our star count from 0 in March 2020.

At that time we already had 889 stars associated with the β€œold” Slicer/Slicer project (now renamed Slicer/SlicerGitSVNArchive) itself created in July 2011.

As of April 17th 2023, here is a summary:

Archived GitHub project Current GitHub project
Created at 2011-07-06 2020-03-12
Renamed at 2020-03-20 NA
Stars 889 1000 :tada:
Current name

Here is a excerpt [1] from our discussion in March 2020:

  1. β†©οΈŽ