Slicer IGT extension build errors in visual studio 2019

Hi @lassoan

I was able to build slicer both on debug and release mode. I would like to build Slicer IGT extension which is required for my project but I am getting several errors.

Steps I have used to build is from Documentation/Nightly/Developers/FAQ/Extensions - Slicer Wiki

source = SlicerIGT cloned file

Add entry :
Slicer_DIR = Slicer_build folder from released build version of Slicer
and QT added

I didn’t see errors in Cmake configuration and generation (using GUI) but while building in Visual studio 2019 , I received several errors. like ,

23>Done building project “vtkSlicerPathExplorerModuleMRMLPythonD.vcxproj” – FAILED.
30>Done building project “vtkSlicerTransformProcessorModuleMRMLPythonD.vcxproj” – FAILED.

What could be the reasons ?

Thank you for feedbacks and corrections.

SlicerIGT builds without error using VS2019 using v142 (VS2019) toolset, see on the dashboard.

Make sure you use the latest Slicer master version and that you choose Debug/Release that matches the chosen Slicer_DIR. You need to use completely different build trees for Debug and Release builds.