Slicer IGT Multiple Tools, Plus ToolKit

Hi all,

I had a question about how to implement tracking multiple tools using the NDI Aurora EM system and multiple coils. Right now, it seems that the first tool/coil is working fine but the Plus/Slicer connection doesn’t seem to be able to recognize or pick up the second tool/coil. We’ve tried changing the Plus Configuration file to include a second data source, a second output channel, and a second Default Client Info, but it seems that when we connect the server from the Slicer side through OpenIGTLinkIF the second coil does not show up in the I/O configuration. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Most Plus configuration files use several tools (reference, stylus, probe, etc). Have a look at those again. If you still have problems then upload your condig file somewhere and post the link here.

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