Slicer Looking Glass extension unavailable in Slicer 5.7 revision 32785

We were looking to use the SlicerLookingGlass extension on Slicer3D but couldn’t find it in the extension manager. I have tried different keywords for search including “SlicerLookingGlass, Looking glass, Lookingglass, look, glass”. I have also looked through the full list of extensions in the manager to no avail.

Kindly do advise if I need to backdate my Slicer version to access the extension, if so, which latest preview release can I find the extension on? I have attempted download Windows, mac and linux machines. Could you please let us know of a solution?

SlicerLookingGlass development has not kept up with updates to newer versions of VTK which it uses. You’re not alone in wondering about the status of this extension. See other post:

Currently with the latest Slicer stable (5.6.1) the SlicerLookingGlass extension is not building successfully across all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux). See build details here. These build errors are why SlicerLookingGlass cannot be found in the Extensions Manager.

@jcfr has been the primary developer of SlicerLookingGlass and may be able to respond about which version of Slicer was the extension last working. If he does not respond, you can write up an issue in that repo to document the state of it not working with latest Slicer.