Unable to access extensions with latest code - as of 21st Sept 2021


I am trying to access extensions manager with the latest code after building it but I dont see any extensions in the window. Happens with both the debug and release build
Is there something missing or any other change I need to do to access the extensions.

Please help…


I’m using latest Slicer Preview (4.13.0-2021-09-18) and I’m able to see extensions on the Windows platform. What specific version of Slicer are you using and on what platform?

Mine is 4.13.0-2021-09-20 and I am on Windows…
It was working before syncing with the latest code today but seems to not work with the latest changes I took around 2 hours ago…

The extension manager only supports installing extensions for versions of Slicer corresponding to the revisions of Slicer Preview builds. The latest Slicer Preview 4.13.0-2021-09-18 is revision 30223, so extensions from the factory server are available for that version but not for the revisions of any commits from today. If you have your own Slicer that you’ve manually built, you are expected to manually build any extensions you need as well.


I am actually looking for SlicerRT extension… (SlicerRT) … Sorry maybe a basic question, but any pointers on building this or another extension. Is there a repository where I from where I can clone the extensions and build along side manually built Slicer?
Thanks and appreciate the help.

I would suggest following these instructions regarding how to manually build an extension.

If you don’t need any customizations of yours and just want to try out SlicerRT, I would suggest just downloading latest Slicer Preview from https://download.slicer.org/ and you will be able to download SlicerRT from the extensions manager.

Thanks, I did try the latest Slicer Preview version and I can see the SlicerRT extension there…

Actually, I am creating an extension and have already built my extension using the link that you shared… However, before the extension, I use SlicerRT extension and some of its functionality, so I needed that installed for built Slicer code which loads my extension… So, as far as I understand, would reverting back to the latest Slicer Preview, and building that version help me get the extension?

Yes you can either revert back to the revision of the latest Slicer Preview, or build SlicerRT with your current build. This would be the same type process as you did to build your own extension.

Thanks for all your help James. I was able to build this earlier and also have the debug build of Slicer on my system load the extension…

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