Slicer-RT Contour Analysis


Massive fun of the 3D slicer project but a newbie.

I want to install the Slicer RT extension - specifically I want to make liberal use of the contour analysis module.

I am working within a hospital network so I suspect that security settings are wreaking havoc because I cannot download extensions via the extension manager.

I have had some success downloading Slicer RT manually.

However, when I use the install extensions from file button I get as far as the point at which the restart option should become available - but it just hangs.

I’m running 3D Slicer r29738 and the SlicerRT extension I have downloaded is r26654 - could this be the issue?

If I can’t get around this, would it be feasible to just add the Contour Analysis Module manually to 3D Slicer, since this is all I wish to do with SlicerRT at the moment.

Thanks for you help.

Yes, it will not be compatible.

Please download and install the latest preview version. Due to a recent change now you can install Slicer in your user’s local directory, and the extensions and settings will be stored there as well, so permissions will not be a problem.

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Will do, thanks!

Does this also explain why, after matching the extension and Slicer version number, I keep on running out of memory when calculating DICE for two simple structure sets?

Thanks for you help.

No, this is unrelated. After a quick search on memory allocation you will see several topics here on the forum that will help you.