Slicer RT does not install at work

I use slicer RT to convert dicom to stl for 3d printing bolus. It works fine at home, but I cannot get slicer RT to install at work. Slicer 3D installs fine. Is there a way of downloading the module at home, then importing manually at work from a flash drive? OS: win 64bit.
Thank you.


If possible, could you share the log (Menu Help → Report a Bug) ? So that we can understand why the download fails from your office.

Yes. You could download the extension archive from:

Just replace 26325 with the revision of the nightly build downloaded from .

You can also get the revision of your current Slicer install looking at File -> About or from the python interactor typing

Then, from your office, you can install the extension from file.

See Documentation/4.6/SlicerApplication/ExtensionsManager - Slicer Wiki


That worked, but I noticed that I the “contours” module I usually use to convert DICOM to stl is missing. Would there be a new workflow in v 4.7 for that process? Thank you.


In Slicer 4.7, Contours module is replaced by the much more advanced Segmentations module.