Slicer Scripted Module not calling updateParameterNodeFromGUI when UI is updated

Hi everyone,

I am working on python module for slicer and am running into a weird issue where my updateParameterNodeFromGUI function is not being called when I interacted with the UI. Is there a signal I may have broken somewhere in the module?

Any help on figuring out what is going on here would be greatly appreciated.

Can you see an error message in the Python interactor? Are you sure the signal and the slot functions are connected in the setup function of the widget class?

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You need to connect each GUI element with the callback to updateParameterNodeFromGUI with lines like:

self.ui.myNodeSelectionWidget.connect("currentNodeChanged(vtkMRMLNode*)", self.updateParameterNodeFromGUI)


self.ui.myCheckBox.connect("toggled(bool)", self.updateParameterNodeFromGUI) 

in the setup() function of the widget class

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I can’t believe I overlooked something so obvious haha. This was the solution I forgot to add in my connections.