Slicer VR problems

I am new to 3D slicer VR. I could able to render view but seems I can’t do any customization to change settings. I did change background color but I want to create VR space and fix the object and saved VR scene. Is there any tutorial or guide to follow to learn more on slicer VR

Can you please elaborate? I’m not sure what creating VR space or fixing object means. Thanks!

sure I want to do some customization like fixing the object ( object should be fixed in given position) in desire position on the VR space.

Also Can we do changes with the controllers ( I am using HTC VIVE) I don’t want to show controllers in the VR view. Is that possible ?

I’m sorry I still don’t know what do you mean by “fixing the object”. Do you want to disable it being movable by the controller?

You can do any customization in the C++ code, see

Yeh exactly, want to disable it from being movable by the controller? I want to place the object in the desired location in VR space.

To prevent an object from being grabbed and moved, set the node’s “Selectable” property to False. You can do it programmatically as shown in Developer guide or in the GUI as explained in the User guide.