Slicer vtkMRMLSegmentationStorageNode in C++


I was wondering what slicer.vtkMRMLSegmentationNode() did and how it could be implemented directly in C++. Moreover, I was not able to find its Python implementation in the Github repo. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

vtkMRMLSegmentationNode is originally implemented in C++ in Slicer. What you specified slicer.vtkMRMLSegmentationNode() is available because most of the C++ code is python wrapped which is why you were able to use it in Python.

What was the reason for your question? Do you have a usage question as it relates to the vtkMRMLSegmentationNode object?

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Thanks for the response. I was in the process of converting some Slicer Python code to C++ and the initial Python code called slicer.vtkMRMLSegmentationNode(). I tried to implement it directly in C++ based off of the documentation here, however some of the functionality isn’t quite right. So I wanted to get a better idea of what exactly slicer.vtkMRMLSegmentationNode() is doing.

Majority of Slicer is implemented in C++, so you can find C++ examples for everything by doing full-text search in the entire Slicer source code.