SlicerApp-real.exe becomes non responsive when running my module


I am running custom slicer extension in debug mode. When the debug is started and my extension loaded the following happen:

  1. I am able to run the Slicer UI for some time then it stops responding
  2. The command prompt which shows my cout messages are all running despite the ui being un responsive.

Tools and OS used : Visual Studio 2022, Windows 10 OS, Slicer version 5.3.0

here are my questions:

  1. Kindly wanted to know if there is a way to debug this or get a dump of message when the application goes non responsive?
  2. Is there a windows tool or Slicer tool which gives such information?


Make sure you build the extension and Slicer with the same build options, on the same computer (e.g., you cannot run your extension with a Slicer release that you downloaded). If you experience hang then you can debug it by starting Slicer from Visual Studio. If you want to see what your application is doing anytime (for example when it is not responding) then you can use Break all action in the Debug menu in Visual Studio.