SlicerIGSIO not visible in Extension Manager


I have noticed that the SlicerIGT tutorials have been updated recently (specifically Lesson U-01). In this tutorial, it states that one of the extensions to download is SlicerIGSIO. When searching in the extension manager I was unable to find this extension. I was wondering if we have to directly download it from github, or if there is another work around. Anyway I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your response.

What version of Slicer are you using?

SlicerIGSIO appears to have built successfully on the latest nightly release (4.11), but not the stable (4.10.2).

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Hello Kyle,

I am currently using the stable release (4.10.2) which would explain why it is not showing up. Thanks for the reply!

@Sam_Horvath Do you have an idea of why the stable version of SlicerIGSIO is failing?

The build seems to be running into issues while checking out one of the projects:

Yeah, I have been looking at it. This git-submodule issue seems to appear randomly on Windows and I haven’t found a consistent solution for it. I am going to try to force / hack around this on the stable build so we can get at least one working upload for IGSIO.

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So, I have forced a build/package/upload for SlicerIGSIO on stable, vs the current SlicerIGSIO master. I will continue to look into the actual build issue, but it is not something I have had any luck in fixing in the past.

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