SlicerMarkupsToModel does not build : since Slicer commit 997de030a6

Since Slicer commit 997de030a6cd340b9f389c5bf54e8cacb55ddced, SlicerMarkupsToModel fails to build on Linux with missing curveGenerator->SetInputPoints and curveGenerator->GetOutputPoints. These are indeed discarded in this commit.


Hopefully, SlicerMarkupsToModel update may follow.


Thanks for reporting this. We have made the curve generator a real VTK filter and it seems that we were not careful enough to keep the API fully backward compatible. We’ll fix this soon. @Sunderlandkyl can you have a look?

Sure. Is the fix to make the input port optional and re-add the old methods, or just update MarkupsToModel?

Adding back the methods (that call SetInputData and GetOutput internally, maybe also Update) should work.

MarkupsToModel is now building again in the latest nightly preview.

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Yes, it builds and works. Thanks.

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