SlicerMorph paper

Congrats to @smrolfe and @muratmaga for getting the SlicerMorph paper published! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Rolfe, S., Pieper, S., Porto, A., Diamond, K., Winchester, J., Shan, S., Kirveslahti, H., Boyer, D., Summers, A. and Maga, A.M. (2021), SlicerMorph: An open and extensible platform to retrieve, visualize and analyze 3D morphology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Accepted Author Manuscript.


Very nice! I would recommend to explicitly designate this paper as the paper to cite when somebody uses SlicerMorph (add “How to cite” to SlicerMorph website). This makes it much easier to follow who uses SlicerMorph and for what, and it is also much more impressive to have one paper with 500 citations than 10 papers with 50 citations each. Users of course can cite additional papers, more specific to certain SlicerMorph features (e.g, if they use ALPACA then they should cite the SlicerMorph paper and the ALPACA paper).

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Congratulations for the great work

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Thank you all for our help. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of this wonderful group of people around the Slicer platform.

@lassoan We do have how to cite SlicerMorph on the github repo. These were pointing out to the more detailed preprint versions of the paper, but will update with the new DOIs. ALLPACA paper is is also accepted to MEE and should appear shortly.

I’ve opened the SlicerMorph website and searched for “cite” and nothing was found on the page. I have not thought about checking it in the repository’s readme file, and probably I’m not alone. It could be better to duplicate the “How to cite” instructions at both places. I would also recommend considering renaming “Citations” to “How to cite” (because citations may also mean a list of papers that cite SlicerMorph), highlight one single paper to be cited (to accumulate instead of disperse citations), and describe why it is important that they cite (makes it easier to demonstrate impact for securing further funding for development and maintenance).

Yeah, I think we will actually forward the to the repo as oppose to the old pages.

Good suggestion for the Citations, I will rename that to how to cite.

When I searched for SlicerMorph then I got as the first hit. If you don’t want people to use this landing page then it might be better to remove it.