SlicerOpenCV on Linux


Is the SlicerOpenCV extension available on Linux? I don’t see this extension in the extension manager of versions 4.11 and 4.13 on Linux while I see that SlicerOpenCV is available in the extension manager of Slicer 4.11 on Windows.

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SlicerOpenCV is currently failing to build on Linux primarily due to a lack of Linux developers to debug the issue.

Do you need the ITKVideoBridgeOpenCV component that it contains? If not, and you just need regular OpenCV to be accessible in python then you can try slicer.util.pip_install("opencv-python"). That will get official OpenCV whl files from PyPI where the latest version has manylinux whl files available. opencv-python · PyPI

Ok thank you, I am only planning to use OpenCV with python so this should work fine and I did not planned to use the ITKVideoBridgeOpenCV.