SlicerRadiomics extension on Mac


I just downloaded Slicer 5.7.0. on my Macbook “Ventura 13.2.1”. I wanted to use the SlicerRadiomics extension but I couldn’t find it. I’ve since caught up with the issue in this forum.
I wanted to kindly ask if there have been any updates regarding this problem.
I read that, for the time being, the best course of action was to download a previous Slicer version. However, I couldn’t access versions prior to Slicer 4 and I’ve found that these issues with SlicerRadiomics were present since then.

Is there any chance that I could use the extension on my Mac?

There’s a build issue that hasn’t been addressed. The most recent suggestion of using the pypi package should be a simple fix if someone wants to try. Unfortunately this extension doesn’t have direct funding currently.