SlicerSALT 4.0.1: Summary, Highlights and Changelog

The SlicerSALT team is proud to announce that version 4.0.1 is now available for download. This release introduces new features as well as bug fixes for better performance and stability. The development of SlicerSALT is supported by the NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging Bioengineering R56EB021391 and R01EB021391 (Shape Analysis Toolbox: From medical images to quantitative insights of anatomy).

SlicerSALT 4.0.1 includes a new extension, SlicerPipelines, that allows the creation and use of simple modules in 3D Slicer without coding. This extension was developed as part of SlicerSALT and has been added to the Slicer Extensions Index.



Slicer Pipelines

Skeletal representations

Refactored functionality

Shape Variation Analyzer (Composite Principal Nested Spheres)

SlicerDWD extension

DentalModelSeg extension added

Updated tutorials


Updates to the SlicerSALT to be compatible with Slicer 5.0

Updates to the Covariance Significance Testing layout

Crash fixes and stability

Bug fixes for Population based shape analysis and SPHARM-PDM

Python syntax warnings

Check for SPV instead of Gaussian Blur module

Update tooltips for RigidAlignmentModule

Bug fixes for sample data for S-rep and tutorials (does not auto populate UI)

Updates to splash screen and logos

Bug fixes to solve stability issues on Windows

Fix use of deprecated unencrypted git protocol

Shape Variation Analyzer usability improvements

New significance figs, fix shaking sliders, use std for sliders and projection

Transform model to LPS coordinate by default


  • UNC
    • Martin Styner & lab
    • Steve Pizer & lab
    • Tengfei Li
  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering
    • Guido Gerig
  • Kitware
    • Beatriz Paniagua
    • Jared Vicory
    • Connor Bowley
    • Sam Horvath
    • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin
    • James Fishbaugh
    • Ye Han
    • David Allemang

I just downloaded the package and the link for tutorials in a help/welcome module returns a 404 URL not found (specifically


Nice catch! Reported

@muratmaga this has been fixed.