Sliceview crash?


In our setup we have a live EM-tracked US showing in the red sliceview (through PlusServer). There are times when this happens to the sliceview:

There is a corresponding error message in slicer’s log:
[WARNING][Qt] 08.04.2021 10:36:25 [] (unknown:0) - ctkSliderWidget::setSingleStep() 0.0745971 is out of bounds. 4.78081 4.85541 4.81811

The slicer version running here is 4.11.0-2020-02-12 but it happened in previous versions as well.

It’s been difficult to reliably reproduce it (it doesn’t happen that often), but it seems to happen when one of EM sensors stays out of the tracking field for a while.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to avoid it or deal with it?


The first step towards addressing the issue will be to try and replicate the issue using latest Slicer stable and Slicer preview. See

You state it fails like that using Slicer 4.11.0-2020-02-12 which is well over a year old now.

Try with the current Slicer stable (Slicer 4.11.20210226).

Then try using latest Slicer preview. Not sure if Plus is going to complain about mismatched VTK and ITK versions since I don’t think Plus has updated to VTK9 or ITK 5.2, but you can try.

Once you’ve tested with those versions, post your results here.

That was indeed the plan. I asked to see if anyone here has had dealings with a similar issue while I work on reproducing it.

I have not seen a slice view lose its view area like that as shown in your included image.

The setSingleStep logged message is just a warning and not an error. I’ve seen that one before with the slice view staying normal. It’s usually indicative of a single slice volume.