Slow application start if recently used file is on unavailable network

Maybe this is what I noticed today where it was hanging at initialization and would finally load modules after a noticeable delay. This happening on launch of the application (not just first startup). I use a multi monitor setup with my HP laptop and so maybe had Slicer last up on a multiple monitor, but this hang I observed today was without any external displays connected.

Delayed startup is most likely a different issue than not starting at all. Delay may be due to Windows malware checks.

Are subsequent startups faster? Is startup slow again after restarting Windows?

Subsequent startups where equally slow and restarting Windows didn’t help.

It was only once I deleted the following file that it was fast to start again:

I haven’t yet narrowed down the specific setting that might be causing the issue.

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It might have been an an extension that did some time-consuming operations at startup.

Apologies if I have discovered a separate issue from what the “Slicer doesn’t load” original author was posting about.

@lassoan I didn’t have any extensions installed so I continued debugging. I was able to narrow it down to a setting specifying a recent file that is unavailable because it was on a local file share at work that I don’t have access to at home.

Slicer was hanging at the splash screen showing “Initializing user interface…” where it took 45 seconds for it to finally begin loading modules as seen on the splash screen. Once I removed the following key (see below) from the RecentlyLoadedFiles section, the startup of Slicer was back to being fast. I couldn’t even see “Initializing user interface…” at the splash screen because it was so fast.

Is Slicer doing checks on the recent files to determine if they are still present and in this case that request to the local file share (that isn’t connected anymore) takes a long time and only reaches a timeout after 45 seconds for that request?


RecentFiles\1\file=@Variant(\0\0\0\b\0\0\0\n\0\0\0\x14\0s\0i\0n\0g\0l\0\x65\0\x46\0i\0l\0\x65\0\0\0\x1\x1\0\0\0\b\0s\0h\0o\0w\0\0\0\x1\x1\0\0\0\xe\0n\0o\0\x64\0\x65\0I\0\x44\0s\0\0\0\v\0\0\0\x1\0\0\0\x30\0v\0t\0k\0M\0R\0M\0L\0S\0\x63\0\x61\0l\0\x61\0r\0V\0o\0l\0u\0m\0\x65\0N\0o\0\x64\0\x65\0\x31\0\0\0\b\0n\0\x61\0m\0\x65\0\0\0\n\0\0\0\x1a\0U\0n\0\x66\0u\0s\0\x65\0\x64\0V\0o\0l\0u\0m\0\x65\0\0\0\x10\0l\0\x61\0\x62\0\x65\0l\0m\0\x61\0p\0\0\0\x1\0\0\0\0\x10\0\x66\0i\0l\0\x65\0T\0y\0p\0\x65\0\0\0\n\0\0\0\x14\0V\0o\0l\0u\0m\0\x65\0\x46\0i\0l\0\x65\0\0\0\x10\0\x66\0i\0l\0\x65\0N\0\x61\0m\0\x65\0\0\0\n\0\0\x1n\0/\0/\0\x31\0\x39\0\x32\0.\0\x31\0\x36\0\x38\0.\0\x31\0.\0\x36\0\x39\0/\0G\0\x65\0n\0\x65\0r\0\x61\0l\0_\0I\0m\0\x61\0g\0\x65\0s\0/\0R\0&\0\x44\0 \0\x44\0\x61\0t\0\x61\0/\0Q\0\x41\0 \0\x61\0n\0\x64\0 \0Q\0\x43\0/\0Q\0\x43\0 \0\x44\0\x61\0t\0\x61\0 \0R\0\x65\0p\0o\0s\0i\0t\0o\0r\0y\0/\0S\0V\0L\0\x31\0\x32\0/\0\x30\0\x39\0\x32\0\x32\0\x32\0\x32\0/\0Q\0u\0\x61\0l\0i\0t\0y\0\x43\0o\0n\0t\0r\0o\0l\0/\0\x32\0\x30\0\x32\0\x32\0_\0\x30\0\x37\0_\0\x30\0\x39\0/\0U\0l\0t\0r\0\x61\0s\0o\0u\0n\0\x64\0 \0S\0t\0r\0\x65\0\x61\0m\0 \0T\0\x65\0s\0t\0s\0/\0\x42\0-\0M\0o\0\x64\0\x65\0_\0\x32\0\x44\0 \0S\0\x63\0\x61\0n\0_\0\x32\0\x30\0\x32\0\x32\0_\0\x30\0\x37\0_\0\x30\0\x39\0-\0\x32\0\x30\0_\0\x31\0\x34\0_\0\x30\0\x37\0/\0U\0n\0\x66\0u\0s\0\x65\0\x64\0V\0o\0l\0u\0m\0\x65\0.\0m\0h\0\x64\0\0\0$\0\x64\0i\0s\0\x63\0\x61\0r\0\x64\0O\0r\0i\0\x65\0n\0t\0\x61\0t\0i\0o\0n\0\0\0\x1\0\0\0\0\x16\0\x63\0o\0l\0o\0r\0N\0o\0\x64\0\x65\0I\0\x44\0\0\0\n\0\0\0\x32\0v\0t\0k\0M\0R\0M\0L\0\x43\0o\0l\0o\0r\0T\0\x61\0\x62\0l\0\x65\0N\0o\0\x64\0\x65\0G\0r\0\x65\0y\0\0\0\f\0\x63\0\x65\0n\0t\0\x65\0r\0\0\0\x1\0)

Thank you for the investigation,this is a very interesting find. Network resources may take some time to become available, so it makes sense for the operating system to wait for them a bit.

Graying out unavailable files in the recent file list is a nice feature, but maybe we should replace it by an on-demand check, when the user selects an item. In case of failure, a popup could be displayed that has the option of removing the file from the list.

Could you submit an issue to the Slicer bugtracker about this? Thank you!

Issue created:

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