[SOLVED] Slicer Wiki and Issue Tracker brief outage

There was a brief outage of the Slicer Wiki and Slicer Issue Tracker due to a disk-full condition on the primary partition. The issue is completely resolved now and all systems are fully operational. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Of course, the system alerted at 4am, but because those alerts were related to routine backups, the messages weren’t delivered until an 11am message sweep.

I’m putting a disk monitor in place for immediate alerting.

Thanks @jcfr for alerting us at 7am; however I didn’t see that until 11.

As an aside, we’ve got some exciting developments in QualityBox product/hosting/support, so will be working with you to update and upgrade hosted customers like the Slicer project.


Thanks! Confirmed that was was broken earlier is working for me now.