Some problems with 3Dslicer shape analysis-MANCOVA

Operating system:Linux 14.04 LTS
Slicer version:Slicer-4.8.1-linux-amd64

Expected behavior:
Recently, I am using 3D Slicer to do morphological analysis of brain structure.What I expected was that all the images put in can get the expected result after SPHARM- PDM.

Actual behavior:
In the data processing, I encountered some problems. For example, a manually segmented image, where data number is 12 stuck in step 1: GenParaMesh. In the image data segmented by Freesurfer, such as NO.023, completed with errors will be shown, but the next task will continue.I didn’t find the problem.If it is convenient for you, could you help me? In the attachment, I attached some data and pictures.

Hi HanZhuang,

Thank you for your interest in SPHARM-PDM and SlicerSALT.

Can you please let us know what is the message in the error log? You can access the error log through the menu View >> Error Log or by pressing Crtl+0.

Also, what does the segmentation that fails look like?
You can inspect them via the DataImporter in SlicerSALT or using Model Maker in Slicer.

Thank you,


In the Freesurfer segmented Putamen data, NC019-freesurfer-Putamen_L and NC023-freesurfer-Putamen_L are “completed with errors”, the error log says “no input provided”, show in Fig1.
In the manually segmented Putamen data, NC012-manual-Putamen_L was stuck in Step 1:GenParaMesh, show in Fig2.

There is data in the links provided, “NC001-manual-putamen_l” can be run correctly, and “NC012-manual-putamen_L” prompts “completed with errors”, “NC019-freesurfer -Putamen_L” and “NC023-freesurfer -Putamen_L” prompts “completed with errors”.Fig1 Fig2 the error data