SPHARM-PDM installation on Windows 10

Catharina De Rosa wrote on Wed, August 30, 2017:

I download extension to use Spharm-pdm on 3D Slicer for Windows 10.
As I tried to use the tools, it also pop up mensages that the program has stopped working.
Messages were “GenParaMeshCLP.exe stopped working” and “ShapeAnalysisModule.exe stopped working”.
I had download an tutorial but could understand it much.
I have DICOM images to work with.

Hello Catharina,

I tried to reproduce your error by downloading SPHARM-PDM as an extension on 3D Slicer for Windows 10. But it seems to work on my machine.
Those are the steps that I followed:

To use SPHARM-PDM tool with less installation steps, you can also just install SlicerSALT by downloading it. SPHARM-PDM will be already installed and ready to use.

All the installation steps are explained (with explanatory visuals) in the actual SPHARM-PDM tutorial in the installation section.

If you need any more help, I will be happy to help you!

Are there any good tutorials on using SPHARM-PDM with nightly for a novice?

Hi Steve,

There are! Here is the SPHARM-PDM updated tutorial: https://github.com/NIRALUser/SPHARM-PDM/blob/master/Doc/SPHARM-PDM-Tutorial.pdf