Staircase aware smoothing

I am trying to see if slicer has a built in method for smoothing out the staircase effect on models.
for example, this skull model shows the effect on the back:

there are certainly papers that outline algorithms to smooth the staircase effect, but implementation can be a rather daunting task. example:

i see there are posts here ( that state cubic voxels are required to avoid staircase artifacts. does that apply in this case where i am not cropping the volume? are voxels in slicer cubic by default?

i would rather avoid generalized smoothing to preserve the integrity of the model in sections without the stair step effect.

Slicer has all the tools to deal with this. Do you still have the image where this model is generated from?

yes, i have everything needed to generate this model

OK, if you have the original volume then these instructions should work well.

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