Stl file conversion

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.2
Expected behavior: I need to export the 3D model to .stl file
Actual behavior: No option

I have started to use 3D Slicer for the past 3 days. I need to convert CT .jpg image file to a 3d model. after I have converted, I was unable to save it in .stl file format. There is no stl option have come.

Please kindly suggest me the suitable way to do it. I tried many youtube tutorials but no use.

Awaiting your esteemed support.

With Regards,

Hi Arun -

Did you try the tutorials here:

Which step specifically didn’t work for you?

If you start with jpgs of a CT you’ll need to use this module:

But in general jpg is a very bad format for CT since it loses detail and is only 8 bit instead of the normal 12 bit. Try to get DICOM if you want a good model.