Straightened volume failed in version 5.1.0-2022-05-01

Recently, i made an update for 3D slicer to version 5.1.0-2022-05-01, and used open curve module to for a center line for the aorta, then i used curved planar reformat to form a straightened volume base on the open curve, but it turned with grey without any true imaging, is there a bug for the module in this new version? how can i deal with it ? thanks.

I’ve just tested this on an aortic arch CT using Slicer-5.1.0-2022-05-08 on Windows and everything worked well.

Maybe you just need to adjust the window/level setting.

it not the window/setting issue, another thing different is the resolution of tgis CTA is 1.25mm, i usually works with 0.625mm, it this a potential problem?

That spacing difference is not that big, it should not cause any problem. Do you find that the module works with most CTs but not with a specific one?

Maybe the problematic CT has non-uniform spacing and so an acquisition transform is applied on import. Hardening the transform on the volume will resolve this problem.

The module does not work with other CTA, but these problems solved automaticly when i made an update to version 5.1.0-2022-05-14, thanks for your advice anyway.