Stream IGTLink Data from one computer to another when on same network

Operating system: Windows 64 bit
Slicer version: 4.4.0

Hi all,
I’m using IGTLink with an NDI Tracking system (Polaris Vicra - communicates serrially using USB) and I want to be able to stream the locational data I get from my laptop to another. Both are on the same network and are pingable.
My network protocol knowledge is a bit limited but since there is a hostname and port assigned, I should be able to use this? Has anyone ever tried doing this?

This is a very common use case. We use Plus toolkit for acquiring tracking data from NDI tracker and broadcast it via OpenIGTLink.

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yes, i am facing the similar issue . and i am looking for a solution to it. if anyone out there knows the answer to it , kindly reply here

See step-by-step tutorials at SlicerIGT website Tutorials section.