Subject Hierarchy ExportAs plugin working only for some systems

@pieper implemented an ExportAs plugin for SlicerMorph extension which enables Export As a right-click context menu in the Data module. For markup nodes, this works 100% from the Markups module. For other data types (namely volumes and models) we have a strange issue that it works only on some windows and mac systems (seemed to be 100% functional in linux). There appears no diagnostic error message on systems that it doesn’t work.

@lassoan @cpinter any input would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the discussion of the issue

Could you debug it on one of the problematic computers?

You can attach a Python debugger to Slicer, add a breakpoint to the plugin and run the script step by step.

Thanks @lassoan - It’s not clear it’s a python issue, but maybe something with the way plugins interact. It doesn’t appear on my local build. Murat posted some more info on the github issue so let’s carry on the investigation there.

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