Sudden slowing in slicer

after a long process of segementation i face significant slowing in any thing i do even scrolling through slices .

any suggestion ?


i have the log but could not post it , too many characters

You can upload the log file somewhere (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive) and post the link here.

Does the performance improve if you save the scene, restart your computer, start Slicer and load the scene?

it doesn’t get better , i actually now realize that issue occurred before , however i though the file has an issue itself .

once this occurs , working on the same file becomes extremely slow

The log file indicates that “Grow from seeds” effect is in progress and auto-update is enabled. This means that after each segment change, the auto-update is executed, which may be time-consuming. Go to Grow from seeds effect and click Cancel to cancel region growing and edit segments normally.