Surface model of liver vasculature


I am looking for a ready-to-download surface model of liver vasculature. Only the arteries (PHA, RHA, LHA and their child segments) are required for radioembolization simulation. Is there a sample to download?

Hello @orxshi

we are working in a Slicer extension that can be used to generate this data (Slicer-Liver). This week we will be available in Project Week 37 if you would like to have a chat on it. There is also a nice project (RVesselXLiverSegmentation) which is somehow complementary to our work.

When it comes to data. We have models based on veins, not arteries. The segmens can be computed with the Slicer-Liver extension that we will try to release during this week in the extension manager.


I have tried to use RVesselXLiverSegmentation but extracting arteries and veins is beyond my anatomy knowledge. Until I get together with my doctor friend I need a ready-made model of arteries/veins. However, at this stage I am also OK with any branched tubular geometry resembling arteries or veins.

Can Slicer-Liver extract veins from CT scans without user intervention?

I see. Do you only need a single model? Slicer-liver comes with a testing dataset of 1 liver with segmented portal/hepatic veins. 3D reconstruction of that is automatic in 3D Slicer and with Slicer-Liver you could use the segments extraction to manually extract the segments. Segments extraction is not very tedious and hopefully will be ready during this week.