SUV conversion error - Can't find tag 18 1072 - but tag 18 1078 available


Hello everybody,

I can’t convert my DICOM files in Bq/mL into SUV.
I think the problem comes from the metadata of my data which do not contain the tag (0018,1072) RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime, as the error message of the “SUV Factor Calculator” module tells me:
itk::ExceptionObject (0000005A9AB9D0D0)
Location: “unknown”
File: D:\D\S\S-0-E-b\PETDICOMExtension\SUVFactorCalculatorCLI\itkDCMTKFileReader.cxx
Line: 89
Description: ITK ERROR: Can’t find tag 18 1072

However, in the documentation of this module, they mention that the tag (0018,1078) RadiopharmaceuticalStartDateTime​ can be interchangeable with the tag (0018,1072) RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime, and my metadata contains this tag.

How can I overcome this error message?

Thank you very much !

You could try filing an issue and contacting the developers here: GitHub - QIICR/Slicer-PETDICOMExtension: 3D Slicer extension containing tools for importing DICOM PET series