Taking a screen capture of a bisected 3D segmentation

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Slicer version:13
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Have a 3D segmentation slicer Q1

formed from many segments. Would like to “Bisect” it (or put into sections) for an image from the "middle " of the 3D model. The area of the “middle” would vary. Is there an easy way to do this?

Scissors seem to only cut the selected segment…and I dont want to “change” the main file…


If you want to see the cut-through view you could just use the slice view and turn the slice fill opacity to full, and if the slice isn’t exactly aligned where you want it you can use the reformat module to tilt it to match the section of interest. Is that not what you are looking for? Or did you need to see the cut in 3d?

Thanks Steve- no I would like to see the cut in 3D…

Plane cut (in 3D) is currently only supported for models, so you need to right-click on the segmentation (in Data module) and export to models, then hide the segmentation.

You can then go to Models module, select all the models you want to clip, and enable Clip selected model in Clipping planes section.

If you want to cap the cut surface then you can use Dynamic Modeler module’s Plane cut tool.

Hi Kevin,

Nice segmentation!!

I think that you are looking for ‘Clipping’ of 3D models.
You can make 3D models from your segmentation. Then, go to ‘model
module’. There will be ‘Clipping planes’ dropdown in the low part of the
Then, you can simply choose which place you want to clip with and move a
slide bar of the selected slice.

If the CT scan is not straight, you can reslice the images based on the
axis you draw.